Trick or Treat with Animal Prints! Comments

If being the boring Bell of the Ball for a Halloween bash aint your thing, how about this for a trick: Lean Leopard leotards, with a feathery tutu. This will get all those furry ears and tails wagging in delight and be a treat for all those closet animal print lovers. But let’s not forget all our one-piece pajama graduates turned adolescent now strutting about like plumed peacocks in their fine and sassy head-to-toe animal prints!

The “Tiger”Bachelorette 2011 Comments

I hope that this is Ashley’s Halloween hair do’ as Cleopatra and not her permanent hairstyle… I so much more like her with long curly light brown hair and her Tiger print top of course! It brings up her radiant smile. No comparison.

Great picture: Ashley and J.P are raving for the new good life together. Congrats guys!

Racing Stripes Comments

My family’s movie selection this past weekend was “Racing Stripes”, and although I have watched it before, I still enjoyed once more.When you start watching Racing Stripes, you may not be prepared for how adorable and cute a young zebra is.
A travelling circus accidently abandons an adorably helpless zebra in the middle of Kentucky on a stormy night. Fortunately, the wee zebra is found by Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood, The Sweet Hereafter), a brilliant horse trainer who’s given up his calling after a riding accident that killed his wife. His daughter Channing (Hayden Panettiere, Raising Helen) names the zebra Stripes and, before you know it, Stripes has grown to young adulthood and is aching to race at a nearby track. Thus begins a fairly formulaic triumph-over-adversity tale combined with talking animals–but Racing Stripes understands its formula and executes it without any pretensions. It doesn’t hit the bullseye struck by Babe (an earlier triumph-over-adversity tale combined with talking animals), and there are bad puns and gags aplenty, but Greenwood’s solid presence gives the movie an unexpected emotional fullness. Featuring a bizarre assortment of voices for the animals, including Whoopi Goldberg, Dustin Hoffman, Frankie Muniz, Mandy Moore, Joe Pantoliano (as a Mafioso pelican), Steve Harvey, David Spade, and Snoop Dogg. –Bret Fetzer

America Got Talent Likes Zebra Print! Comments

America definitely got talent to many’s amazement. This season’s show has it all, from great singers, to magicians, to breathtaking acrobats and dancers to name just a few. And  I especially loved the Zuma-Zuma performance with their fun Zebra print outfits,-it is unbelievable how these young men can jump and bend so effortlessly!
But the most eye catching was the wild Zebra piano of Daniel Joseph Baker who made a big hit  at the 6th season’s audition. I think the Baldwin Zebra striped grand piano with the red accents really helped to make a statement and raise that bar of sharp design and fun performance!

Zebra Car Seats Comments

BAG122 003

BAG122 004

BAG122 005

It’s a great thing to carry a camera, or better a phone that can capture fun unexpected moments of your daily out and about… Here is a beauty Red Volkswagen Bug with a touch of wild: Fun Zebra seat covers. Is it sharp or what?

GET THE LOOK: Zebra print car accessories HERE



The Tommy Bahama Animal Print Elegance Comments

Tommy Bahama living room design


Tommy Bahama chair and ottoman

Tommy Bahama Zebra rug

Tommy Bahama Chairs

I recently attended a presentation of  Tommy Bahama furniture collection by Lexington Furniture Brands and among lots of fun pieces the Zebra prints caught my eye. Tommy Bahama designs don’t hesitate to use animal prints as an accent to add the touch of exotic that promises adventure and relaxation at the same time… Known for his charm, wit and perpetual tan, Tommy Bahama himself, embodies the island life. An intrepid traveler, he speaks nine languages fluently and can flirt in dozens more. His legendary company is just that: A legend, the personification of an idyllic life. Inspired by the refined, unhurried attitude of coastal life, Tommy Bahama products started with printed silk shirts and tailored shirts, and quickly evolved into complete lines of apparel and products centered on the good , comfortable life. And today, you can fill your home from floor to ceiling with the “I am on vacation” look products that promise the relaxed elegance of Tommy Bahama.

For information on Tommy Bahama furniture, contact us.

The Animal Print Side of Dolce&Gabbana Comments

Dolce&Gabbana is the new luxury, authentic and unconventional. A style that expresses new forms of elegance, presenting itself as a modern classicism, based on superior sartorial content and creativity.
For Dolce&Gabbana, Animal prints design is part of the culture, expression and style. Animal prints of all scale and colors, are present in apparel and accessories almost every season.


The strong identity of the Dolce&Gabbana brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style, which, season after season, combines strong innovation with the Mediterranean flavor of its origins. A brand whose essence lies in its contrasting features. How cool!

Valdese Weavers: Yes to Animal Prints! Comments

BAG122 040

BAG122 060

Who designer doesn’t want to visit North Carolina, the “Mecca” of furniture design?And even if I have visited before, this time my furniture retreat had an extra bonus: a tour to Valdese Weavers, one of the largest domestic Jacquard loom weavers plant. It was surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the designer’s dream!
The fact that  I grew up in the textile business have made me develop a very special relationship with fabric; color combination and patterns speak to my heart. I had so much fun that I could barely stand it!.
And of course, I stumbled on the Animal prints; although I didn’t find any in production-I would love to find one right on the loom-, it was here and there in samples and new introductions for the next market. Touring around the designer’s offices, I found this Animal skin inspiration palette:

animal print fabric palette

In the showroom, it was a special section with Animal print fabrics, and although they were a little too high, I was able to capture a few:

Animal Print fabrics

animal skins

animal skin fabrics

safari fabrics

How fun!


Animal Print Vanguard Furniture Comments

I just came back from North Carolina visiting the Vanguard Furniture plant, and oh, how fun! I loved walking around the factory watching the nuts and bolts of fine upholstery making. Smiley faces and skillful hands were all around creating beautiful sofas, chairs, ottomans, settees and benches. Surfing through the production center, I took a few shots of my favorite Animal print projects. Sure enough there is another one around the corner ready to be shipped… I guess I am not the only one who thinks that Animal print upholstery is so much fun!

BAG122 020BAG122 030

Fresh Lime Leopard print bench and classic Cheetah ottoman

BAG122 024BAG122 038

Hair on hide Cow settee and Croco round ottoman right on production.

BAG122 023BAG122 026

Ocelot Leopard stripe ottoman and Zebra print bench.

BAG122 027CIMG0292

Ready for delivery Cheetah sofa  and Croco turquoise cocktail ottoman.

BAG122 022CIMG0284

Velvet Zebra dining side chair and Annie Selke occasional hair on hide Zebra chair-this is a beauty…

Have a seat!


Fly With Animal Prints Comments

There’s nothing worse than flying from here, there and everywhere and then crowding around the carousel hoping one of those bags is yours. Well heck, they all look the same: rectangular blacks, blues, and greens. You can get dizzy bending down, flipping name tags over, and watching another “almost mine” roll by.
Must it come down to tying neon elastics or one of those dumb red ribbons around your luggage? They scream ‘ugly’ into the night.
Here’s a way to play it cool and get off the carousel. Go get yourself a flashy Tiger print suitcase or luggage with a sharp Zebra pattern. That’ll end the search. Or if a fun Leopard print won’t do it, how about a classy faux Croco or an exotic Snake print piece? Now everyone will see your hot luggage coming.
Who would want to miss the show. And here are some tips for choosing the right travel bag by Independent Traveler
Have a great trip,

Zebra Print In Every Room Comments






I was tickled when I saw in this month’s ELLE DECOR issue, an article about Kazumi Yoshida’s loft in New York. Yoshida, artist and textile designer that works for Clarence House , dares to use striking color and most definitely understands the Animal Print effect. He has a Zebra print accent in every room! I love his loft’s clean lines and simplicity, and I adore his playfulness with color and pattern. The bold presence of Zebra print underscores again and again every room’s aesthetic perfection. Any thoughts?


A Wild Mardi Gras Comments

animal print Venetian Masks

zebra print venetian masks

Slip on your mask, head down to Bourbon Street and be part of that sweet ‘ol jazz! From Leopard, to Zebra, to Peacock, these Animal print Venetian masks are small pieces of art that promise a special Mardi Gras and lots of fun!

The Paris Apartment: Romantic Decor on a Flea-Market Budget Comments


If you love chandeliers, flowing draperies, and bric-a-brac–if you believe you were a Roman senator, a Gothic queen, or Madame de Pompadour in an earlier life or have fantasies of La Belle Époque or the Golden Age of Hollywood–The Paris Apartment is the decorating book for you. Claudia Strasser includes before-and-after pictures of real people’s apartments, transformed from dark cracker boxes to intriguing showplaces. She gives shopping tips on finding the best furniture, how-to instructions on distressing and painting your flea-market finds, and ideas for choosing the period and colors that best suit your personality. Best of all, Strasser estimates the average cost of a no-holds-barred transformation to be $1,800 for an entire apartment, including furniture–less if you already have the furniture, are clever with your hands, are somewhat restrained in your taste, or live near the best flea markets. The Paris Apartment is the perfect combination of inspiration and instruction for budget-conscious glamour mavens on a budget.

The Paris Apartment is a popular shop in New York’s East Village, where visitors can step back in time and immerse themselves in the beauty and romance of antique furnishings. Reflecting an unusual mix of design influences (Baroque, rococo, neoclassical and Art Deco) and personal taste, its style is luxurious, playful, and wholly original.

In The Paris Apartment, Claudia Strasser, the founder and owner of the shop, offers readers the quintessential guide to achieving this romantic Parisian look without having to spend a fortune. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful advice, she shows readers how they can transform their homes into a living environment that reflects both their personal style and timeless French elegance. Laid out in the form of an entertaining diary, the book helps Francophiles define their fantasy home, find inspiration, select a color palette and use light creatively. She also includes instructions for making canopies and valances; advice on dyeing fabrics and restyling furniture; tips on budgeting; guidance on shopping at flea markets and auctions; and a glossary of terms. Color photographs throughout illustrate the ideas and techniques shown in the book.

As interest in the home experiences a resurgence, and as Americans become more careful about their spending, nesting has become the pastime of the ’90s. People want luxury homes without spending a fortune. With its unbeatable combination of style and solid practicality, The Paris Apartment  is a home-decorating guide to treasure and draw inspiration from for many years to come.

Animal Prints From Heart To Heart Comments

This Valentine season, let Animal prints spell “LOVE”. A touch of luxury, a touch of wild, a touch of adventure, a touch of nature, all heart shaped with -what else?- the signature of Animal prints.
From heart to heart, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zink Textile:The Silvery Luxury Comments

Zink Penthouse collection


Zink element collection


Zink Yeti cover

I was introduced to Zinc Textiles several months ago, but recently I had the chance to use them in a project; oh!  I’m pretty much  in love with the Yeti collection, -the most luxurious and luscious Faux Fur textiles I have ever seen…
Part of The Romo Group, Zinc was launched in January 2010, as a sensational new fabric brand that is strong, tactile and urban with playful, quirky undertones. Presented in a seductive, monochromatic palette with hints of colour, the new Zinc collections integrate luxury finishes, sumptuous texture and modern graphic design, that work confidently together to offer exciting and original style solutions for residential and contract interiors. Zinc’s unique style captures the revival of chic hedonism of the 1970s and salutes the great designers of the time.

For more information, please contact us.

It’s time to Zelebrate! Comments

zebra christmas_picnik

This picture caught my eye. Notice how those Zebra stripes set a jazzy tone for all-around fun. This festive dining room setting is full of personal touches and it is so inviting. I love the unusual Mexican dolls and the the simple Holiday decorations that infuse the room with color… The table is set; time to Zelebrate!

Photograph complements of “St Louis Homes and Lifestyles”

Animal Print Gifts For Under $30 Comments

Who says that you have to break the bank to be stylish,  or to give fun gifts? Animal Print Essentials has a revamped selection of  special gifts Under $30! Check out the many options to treat that special loved one, and watch them Wow!

It’s the Holiday Season after all…

Faux Fur, The Queen Of Outwear Comments

Faux fur is at its best this season and keeps coming stronger with more fashionable designs and a huge variety of fur styles. Short hair or long, plush or sleek, fuzzy or dense, faux fur is one of the biggest trends this year and most women’s favorites in jackets, swing or long coats, casual vests and of course accessories.
The sense of luxury and coziness is immeasurable; and the environmentally friendly price for any budget. That’s my gift to myself, end of discussion!…

Chinchilla Hooded Long Faux Fur

chinchilla long coat

This luscious Chinchilla faux fur coat is close to real, that it would be hard to tell. With its full length, it will be the best winter companion for every outfit and your favorite outwear!

Buy Now, Chinchilla Faux Fur $599

Bordelet Zebra and Tiger Hanging Fireplace Comments


What else? An Animal pattern fireplace will set the tone. The stunning ceiling hanging fireplace Eva from Bordelet is designed to take center stage in your house. Its outstanding circular shape makes it perfect for the middle of a room, where it can be freely enjoyed from any angle. The extractor hangs down from the ceiling, leaving a space in between the fire and the hood to create an open and sociable atmosphere. Bold colors and daring Tiger and Zebra print mean than the Eva fireplace is not for the faint hearted! Opening up your home to new ways of relaxing – the Eva hanging fireplace from Bordelet.


Sunbrella Animal Print Fabrics Comments

If you haven’t met Sunbrella fabrics yet, you’re truly missing out! I just picked up this month’s Architectural Digest and when I saw this ad I got a smile in my face. This Leopard swinging silhouette looks as if it is strutting down Madison Avenue! She’s definitely a star! Sunbrella fabrics this year are introducing more and more exotic and animal prints, giving a stylish touch to our everyday casual rooms. For more information, please contact us.

Sunbrella fabrics

Sunbrella fabrics are right at home in Paris, Milan and your living room. Available in hundreds of sophisticated patterns and textures, including sheers and velvets, Sunbrella fabrics are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Insist on the style and durability of Sunbrella fabrics for your next decorating project.


Leopard Print: The accent of Givenchy Resort 2011 Comments

Picnik collage 3

I recently stumbled on the Givenchy Resort 2011 Collection which features some pretty dramatic looks for the discriminating resort fans.
Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci created this full of a Gatsby-era collection that is composed from his now standard color palette of reds, blacks, and whites. His fresh and elegant solids are touched by a dash of Leopard print inspired by Frida Kahlo and her animal paintings.  “Resort, for me,” he said, “is about making sure the shop floors are stocked with the pieces that our girl has gotten attached to.”
The collection draws from both men’s and women’s classic party dresses embellished with  pronounced ruffles, lace, bead-work, fringe and of course Animal print!

Picnik collage

Animal Print College Essentials Comments

Ready for college?
Animal Print Essentials offers a host of ideas to furnish and accessorize your dorm. Whether it’s a freshman or upper-classman, make yourself ‘at home’ with animal print bedding, decorative pillows and fuzzy blankets. Move freely in your comfy Zebra pajamas or your Leopard robe…Carry around and organize your toletries and personal items with animal print vanity bags, cosmetic organizers, carriers, totes and laundry bags. And don’t forget your Zebra hide rug…
Is it Desk Accessories you’re needing?
Browse for your favorite animal pattern desk chair or a bean bag to lounge around on that’s just too comfortable to get out of… Desk lighting, laptop sleeve, clipboard, planner, mouse, wastebasket, are just a few of the vast selection of animal print accessories that you won’t be able to live without.

Ready for the dorm life?

Animal Print Essentials offers a host of ideas to furnish and accessorize your dorm. Whether it’s a freshman or upper-classman, make yourself ‘at home’ with animal print bedding, towels, decorative pillows and fuzzy blankets. Move freely in your comfy Zebra pajamas or your Leopard robe… Carry around and organize yourtoiletries and personal items with animal print vanity bags, cosmetic organizers, trunks, carriers, totes and laundry bags. And don’t forget your Zebra hide rug

Is it Desk Accessories you’re needing?

Browse for your favorite animal pattern desk chair or a bean bag to lounge around on that’s just too comfortable to get out of… Desk lighting, laptop sleeve, pens, clipboard, planner, mouse, wastebasket, are just a few of the vast selection of animal print accessories that you won’t be able to live without.

And for the homecoming night out or any fun evening event, take a peak on our beautiful Animal Print dresses and accessories.

Happy dorm days!


Hickory Chair Spring 2010 Comments

Warmth and welcome abound in this season’s Hickory Chair showroom!
Here are some shots of the Spring market highlighted by beautiful Animal Prints.

Hickory Chair Animal Zebra cocktail ottoman

The Made-to- Measure Grant Ottoman by Alexa Hampton turned from traditional to a stylish transitional by wearing the playful hair-on hide Zebra! The Grant ottoman can be custom made  from 18 to 60 inches square or rectangular and it features hand-turned mahogany legs that terminate in Antique Brass ferrules with casters. Distinctive nail head trim of your choice outlines this elegant piece. You can personalize it with many different finishes.
Another traditional/contemporary cocktail ottoman in Zebra by Thomas O’Brien brings emphasis and movement to any room. Relating to the Zane Chaise, the legs are crafted in wood with the same Georgian-style beading, yet the piece reads simplicity and clean lines.

Leopard Print rug

This warm and fresh living room by Suzanne Kasler is anchored by a tone-on-tone understated Leopard print rug in soft blue and neutral colors.

Animal Print Bedding
The traditional Planter’s bed by Mark Hampton and the Belle canopy bed by Alexa Hampton have been transformed into a relaxing oasis with Animal Print bedding and Bed accessories. Leopard print bedding and Zebra pillows give the purr…fect look!

Hickory Chair Leopard bench

Here is another classic! The Cluny bench in Leopard print is a great accent piece for  along the foot of a bed,  a foyer beneath a grand staircase or even pulled up alongside a dining table. The upholstered seat, which stretches six feet from end to end, tops understated Directoire details like a squared apron and tapered legs. Available in many finishes.

Hickory Chair Zebra chair

A few more Zebras: The Camp chair and ottoman with the amazing ergonomic comfort for casual lounging by James River and the versatile Oxford pull-up chair with a tight seat and back. Under the console table, the Charles hassock provides an extra seating in any occasion.

Hickory Chair Leopard Ottoman

The large Auburn Stool is inspired by a stool that Suzanne Kasler discovered at a Paris flea market. The original is from the 1940’s, with French Modern characteristics. Here with the classic Animal print is a definite winner. Available in many finishes.

Picnik collage

Occasional and dining chairs in the favorite neutral Leopard print make another strike in any room. I’m loving it!

For more information on Hickory Chair products please contact us.

Red, White and Blue Animal Prints Comments

Vibrant, unique and stylish, Animal Prints parade for the 4th of July with their ever present texture and pattern. For the fashionista that loves adventure, Leopard, Zebra, Crocodile and Snake skins are showing up in happy Reds, Whites and Blues more than ever.
Let these exotic animal skin designs take you away from the ordinary and celebrate with colorful Animal prints!

Animal Print Summer Comments

Summer is here and it’s the season to spend around the swimming pool or take a little trip to a fun promising destination. Whatever the case, Animal prints are part of the adventure.

zebra pool float

For pool lovers I discovered this exotic Zebra pool float to keep you cool and relaxed during the hot summer days. This fun animal print float is accompanied by a convenient floating tray for drinks, snacks and games of chess or checkers.


Do you enjoy the seaside fun? Don’t forget to pack your Leopard beach towel and the handy Leopard tote/mat combo for these wild leisure moments. Your Animal print accessories will keep you comfortable and in style.

leopard hat

Whatever the favorite cooling spot might be, don’t forget your Leopard print Sun protection hat, with the wide brim for that little extra shade,  your Animal print signature sunglasses and your comfy Giraffe flip flops.

Christian Dior Sunglasses


Have fun!


ETHAN ALLAN Animal Print Chairs Comments

ethan allen_picnik

I can’t help making a comment on a recent ETHAN ALLEN ad. The girl in the picture is stating:
“It’s all Animal Print to me!” Doesn’t she look like a cat in her kingdom?
But ETHAN ALLEN is not the only one. Animal print chairs of any style are continuously gaining ground in the furniture industry and they are the preference of all designers. Traditional, contemporary or transitional, there is an animal skin pattern that fits the need.
Animal print chairs are fun, decorative and classic. They appear in many different designs and make you sizes. Whether they are made with fabric or leather, they are beautiful, rich in texture and color and they bring the up-beat in any room. Make your pick!

Ready for Animal Print Gardening? Comments

animal print design planters

leopard print tote bag


The flowers here in Missouri are in full bloom and the gardens are ready for their colorful outfits. Gardeners pull their sleeves up, get their tools and start creating small oases for birds, bees, butterflies and other creatures. All my neighbors are busy arranging potted plants and flower beds and each planting is like a unique debut…
My beautiful lemon tree is full of buds now and the smell is truly sensational!
Spending time in my garden is so relaxing and entreating. There is something magical about putting my hands in the dirt and letting these little bodies stand up and shine in their natural beauty.

Speaking of natural beauty, let’s not forget the Animal print gardening accessories that go hand in hand with fun and adventure: The Animal print planters–a great accent for a patio or front door– Animal Print birdhouses for garden decor, and the Leopard print oilcloth tote bag for all your garden necessities
Hey, remember to wear your Zebra print cap to protect you from the sun!

zebra print cap

For Mother’s Day:Baby Animal Print Comments

Zebra Print Pink Ruffles Newborn Pettiskirt

Tell me if you have seen anything so adorable than this baby picture! I absolutely love this Animal print pettiskirt! This Mother’s Day the gift is just your baby, wrapped up in this lacy dream…
Cherish your special first Mother-baby pictures and dress your sweet little angel in this heirloom quality newborn pettiskirt in fashionable Zebra! Sweet and sassy, and totally romantic, this special outfit will make your portraits memorable for all the years to come.
The twirly, heirloom quality pettiskirt is made from sumptuous and soft, abundant nylon chiffon. She’ll flounce and float, prance and gloat in this fun frilly frock. Available in Leopard print and bigger girls sizes.

Leopard Ivory Ruffled Newborn Pettiskirt

Animal Print Mobile Phone Protection Covers Comments

Give your cell phone a new face-lift, and make your cell phone fit your style with one of our Animal Print phone covers! Weather you own an iphone, a blackberry or any other type of mobile phone, customize your phone’s look to fit your personality and be ready for lots of compliments! Animal skin patterns come in Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe, Cheetah or Snake in different colors and pattern scale.
Cell phone fashionable Animal patterned covers are made with different materials, durable plastic, leather, leatherette, plastic crystals or self adhesive plastic-covered skins, and they protect your phone from drops and scratches while making an impression.
They don’t add bulk to your cell phone and they DO NOT cover the screen of your phone.
Refresh your cell phone in a snap! Go classy. Go silly. Go funky. Go Animal Print phone covers!

Traditional Bedroom With Leopard Bedding Accents Comments

Animal print blanket

Looking at this traditional guest bedroom, you can see so many elements of the classic timeless design: Chippendale Chinoiserie desk, Regency desk chair, French Toile wall covering and matching draperies, bamboo textured and upholstered bed and -what else? The classic animal print bedding that blends so well with the so many patterns and floral of the room. Once again, the animal print acts like “solid” or geometric and the designer decided to double the effect, by adding a leopard faux fur throw blanket on the bench at the end of the bed. That gives a cozy feel to the room and creates a great background for the bold red pillow. Very inviting! Who doesn’t want to be the guest?

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