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Cave Age at Camp Newfound in Maine

My daughter Natalia, spent over two months at the Newfound Camp in Long Lake, Maine, and that’s her 10th year of going back. Newfound, is a magic place for girls of all ages, where kids learn new things, overcome limitation, share their love for God,  but maily have lots of FUN!
This is Natalia’s first year as a counsenllor. It seems like yesterday when my husband Mark and I dropped her off for her fist time… She was the youngest of the group and we were so nervous to let her go.
And here she is now. A high school graduate, just about ready to start college, mothering the new little ones helping them to have an amazing camp experience!
Here are some pictures of the Cave Age little dress up they had…And you know me, I got a big kick out of it…
Is it the Leopardy, Cheetahly, Liony wraps? Or are the girls just cute?
I like the latter. But the get-ups look fun.
Natalia, Tori, Olivia and friends aint a bit embarrassed to step out of their camp counselor duties and into some Animal Print flair for a flaunt or two.

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