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Dale Chihuly Glass “Baskets” Collection

One of my favorite designers and arguably the most stunning hand-blown glass artist
of our day is Dale Chihuly.
Chihuly, interior designer, architect, weaver, painter and glass artist, is certainly a force
in contemporary glass art. For more than four decades he has fascinated art lovers and
audiences around the world with his beyond expectation extraordinary art forms and
In the words of Gary Libby, of the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida
“his meticulously crafted vessels and large free-form sculptures have brought blown
and shaped glass to a preeminent position in the pantheon of international avant-garde
art forms. Known for his unusual and exuberant manipulations of Venetian glass
techniques wedded to the exotic and seductive qualities of the shapes and forms of
ancient glass, Chihuly continues to push the limits of this most beautiful and fragile of
mediums into abstract and non-objective realms where color, pattern, line and volume
create a new quintessential synthesis born out of earth, air, fire, and water, the four
classical elements of the material world.
With the baskets collection, Chihuly completely freed the glass blowing technique
from all restrictions of tailored shapes, letting glass follow its natural tendency to respond
to gravity. His inspiration came after seeing a beautiful collection of Indian baskets at the
Washington State Historical Society. He translated the graceful, pure, and sheer curved
forms of different shapes and colors in the basket weaving into his passion of glass blowing.

Up above, in the main picture of the video, we show one of the “Baskets”, the breathtaking Leopard Spot Basket Set with Yellow Lip Wraps, made in 1992.

Fire By Dale Chihuly (Hardcover- Illustrated)

Fire by Dale Chihuly

This is a stunning portfolio of glass artist Dale Chihuly’s awesome creations, including his
critically acclaimed Baskets, Seaforms, Chandeliers and Towers.
Each of ten chapters features Chihuly’s most popular series of works and includes a dynamic
pictorial chronology documenting the development and history of the creations.

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