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Floor treatments: The Foundation Of Your Room

I’ll state the obvious: Different floor treatments create very different
visual effects in your Interior design projects.

Floor coverings can >

Make a room look Larger or Smaller than it is.
♦ For a larger effect, choose a wall-to-wall or an unbroken expanse
solid color floor with a smooth texture.
♦ For a smaller effect go with a big or heavy textured pattern, or brake
it with a variety of different materials in the same room.
Set the tone of the color scheme of a room. This usually can be achieved
with a rug, that will become the foundation of your color scheme.
Cut down the apparent height of a room. If you have a really tall or
vaulted ceiling, you can shorten the distance from the floor, by
using a weave and heavy-textured or patterned floor treatment.
Employ a theme in the room, such as Safari, Nautical, or Equestrian,
to give a unified feeling through color and other design elements.
Define a living space in an open floor plan into smaller gathering
units, for sitting or dining activities.

Create an “Anchor” or “Lift” effect.
For a grounding, cozy, gathering feeling, blend the flooring colors
with the walls, or choose solids in deeper shades.
For a more ethereal, uplifting, bright feeling, select pale and soft
floor coverings in lighter tones than the walls.
Dictate the use, practicality and special activities of a room.
For instance, the right floor treatment creates the difference in use and
comfort between a playroom and an eating area, or an office and a
craft room.

And here is a guide for finding the right floor for your room, by Mark Simon Dobryniewski

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