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Say NO to clutter!

Say NO to clutter!
Gathering “stuff” is one of the most common diseases of our society today.
With about half of the new clients I visit the Interior Design challenge is immediately
clear: CLUTTER!
On the beautiful granite countertop island in the kitchen is a haphazard array of stuff.
Junk mail, magazines, pens, elastics, batteries, keys, a few coins, a recipe book or two,
and the most recent grocery bags. So much for dinner, never mind where your glasses
re! It’s as if we resist placing those things we daily use in a spot of their own.

It’s called ORGANIZATION 101. The need to keep everything “handy” fills the room
with a visual mess that gives the eyes no rest. Harmony and balance are out the window.

To bring this issue to an end, the experts say to find a permanent home for each
item you decide to keep, and put it there right away. In today’s market, you can
buy plain and decorative containers of all types and sizes to keep all those little things
neat and tidy. And if you are a “just in case” thinker that keeps stuff for months and
years before you really need them, try letting go of one item at a time, before you
make the effort to find a way to organize it.
You will be CLUTTER FREE before you know it and you will feel much lighter and

Animal Print Essentials, will offer you a series of room by room organization tips
with suggestions on fun and practical products.
Stay tuned!

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