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Textiles as Wall Art

Open those trunks and dig down–there may be that forgotten heirloom, grandma’s
‘old-fashioned’ quilt, that’s begging to be displayed somewhere. Textiles are not
immediately recognized as an art form to beautify your walls. It’s all a mindset. Why
shouldn’t batiks, embroidered cloths, hand-painted scarves, and tapestries enrich your
walls. They not only soften a wall but can add a little history along with it.
Chris Robertson here explains how to spuce up our home with Wall tapestry ideas.

I myself framed a square appliqué linen tea-cloth that my Greek grandmother made
when she was engaged. It brings so much texture to my great room, besides the
meaningful nature of its history.
In many cultures over the centuries, people have been putting their stories on pieces
of fabric, usually with strong, bold colors, or in abstract ways, full of inspired strokes.
Rugs themselves can be beautiful and priceless pieces of Art. Our home has two, small,
rectangular wool rugs from Mexico, both from natural dyes, one the feathered
serpent, Queztalcoatl, and the other a vibrant Aztec design.  John Trackeray, gives us
some advice here how to display our oriental rug as a wall hanging.

I once used a breathtaking all-sequins and gold-threaded silk wedding scarf that my
client had buried in a trunk in the basement. “It is stunning and so meaningful, but it
never occurred to me to put it on the wall,” she exclaimed.

In the Textile industry today you can find stunning fabrics usually sold by the yard with
a huge pattern repeat, illustrating whole scenes, or embroidered with beautiful designs
and cutwork, crisp linens and luscious silks, that easily can be stretched or framed as Wall Art.

Besides the plain and simple framing or the stretching of textiles prior to hanging them,
you can gently stitch a tube into the top edge, and pass a metal or wood rod through that
will be attached to the wall with the appropriate hardware. You can also add a lining to
give more weight to it, or some trim and tassels to give a more finished look.

Leopard Wall Tapestry “Safari Floral II” By Krista Sewell


A great addition of texture and color this Leopard wall Tapestry, can be placed in the foyer, over the fireplace,
or it can be paired with the Zebra Wall Tapestry “Safari Floral I” with the Zebra print vase, and be hang next to
each other on a big open wall space.  Buy Now Leopard Wll Tapestry

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