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Leopard Wooden Purse By Timmy Woods

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You want something different, unique, innovative? Be ready for a treat holding this wooden piece of art in Leopard shape by fashionista Timmy Woods! This wooden leopard handbag is an eye catcher without a doubt. It is hand carved and made out of Acacia Wood.
If you want the ‘WOW”s run after you this is a must and rare accessory.
Size: 4.5″ x 5″ x 2.75″

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is focused on creating innovative designs that appeal to women with a broad range of interests and lifestyles. Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy sees these handcrafted wooden handbags as a fresh statement in fashion and as sculptured pieces of art. On the cutting edge of art and fashion, each bag is carved from fallen Acacia trees and is hand crafted. Timmy Woods has also caught the eye of Young and Old Hollywood, carried by Heidi Klum, Sara Jessica Parker, Liz Taylor, and Hillary Clinton; Timmy Woods is fast becoming the hand crafted “It” bag of celebrities.



Leopard Wooden Purse By Timmy Woods

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