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Pet dreams Bedding 3pc Set – Leopard Print


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Your pet will love this cozy hide-away!
Crate covers and bedding in designer leopard fabric
turn your metal dog crate into a comfortable bedroom!
Stylish crate covers reduce barking and stress.
Safety bumpers are 11-15 inches tall to help protect
against crate injuries the same way bumpers protect
a baby in a crib.
The dog bed/crate pad is reversible for double the use.

  • Fully Machine Washable.
  • Veterinarian approved and trainer recommended.
  • Prevents dog crate sores and entrapped paws.
  • Prevents permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on metal.
  • Stylish Dog Crate Covers reduce barking and stress.
  • Pet Dreams is the only company that makes quality, durable, quilted bumpers 11 to 15 high.
  • Size: 36 .



Pet dreams Bedding 3pc Set – Leopard Print

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