The House That got WILD! Comments

When it comes to an entire family to choose paint for the exterior of the house, it certainly can get a bit tricky! At least it was  for the Riley family. Everybody wanted something different, so the carpenter and artist dad decided to do something “out of the box” that everyone agreed upon: Leopard Print!

Wow! The Leopard print house is without a doubt one of a kind and adds a bit of ‘wild’ to this Chicago neighborhood. “The kids love it!” admits Riley.”People may expect more from us than we’re capable of doing, in terms of pizzazz,” he said.

The way I see it, it’s a real stand out. And makes me really curious to see the inside…

Easter Egg Hunt for Wild Cats? Comments

Who says that Wild Cats don’t celebrate Easter? Big Cat Rescue one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats-found a great way to entertain big cats by let them play with painted Easter eggs. Over 100+ tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs,  have great fun paying with colorful eggs!

Check out this egg-cellent action!

‘Valentine’ Wears Animal Print Comments

This Valentine season wear it like no other. Red Animal Prints, promise to keep your heart warm, no matter what! Whether you stick into the basics or you splurge with a designer stylish Animal print, Animal Prints are always fun especially in red tones.

So go ahead and jump into the heart of Animal prints!

The Cat’s Meow Halloween Costumes Comments

The wild Cats are out for a fun and memorable Halloween!

Watch out for the Leopards, Tigers and Cheetahs. They are awfully cute and ready for adventure! These animal print kitties are super fun and are promising to steal the show…(and all the treats!)

Don’t forget the claws, the ears and the mustache! And if you are up for wild-like make-up here are some tips:




Animal Print Wedding? Comments

I knew it was coming! Why not? Animal prints are classic, non-ordinary patterns that can accent your wedding event giving a wild confirming ‘I do’! If it’s selected carefully Zebras and Leopards are extremely fun and creative for a Fall/Winter wedding or for a Safari destination wedding. I still like the whites and creams for the bride with the animal accent, but I can see the wild dance of dots and stripes on the brides-maids and decor. Here are some great ideas that take the typical wedding to the wild side:

Stunning Safari inspired wedding dress!

Winter wedding? No problem! This warm Cheetah fur jacket will softly keep you warm the entire ceremony.

Zebra Pumps for the bride. Zebra is so payful! I can see the bride holding a totally white exotic bouquet and the groom wearing the black tuxedo with Zebra handkerchief.

Cheetah sandals; I love the groom’s willingness for a new adventure! According to fashion blogger Alicia Lund, ‘Cheetah is the New Black’.

Cute ‘Leopards’ give this retro wedding a whole different dimension.

I guess there are some good creatives out there that let it go ‘wild’. Animal print wedding projects are surely the out-of-the-box way to start your marriage adventure.

These embossed Leopard wedding rings surely promise a purr…fect marriage.

Definitely ‘a whole other animal’ in the wedding reception decor.

Here is my ‘sweet spot’: White chocolate covered Leopard print strawberries. How does it get any better than that?


Exotic or Romantic? Can I choose both?

I think I am gonna need to square it off: Tailored and Bold Leopard dark and white chocolate. This is it!

Fun? Creative? Daring? I think so…



Peacock Feathers Print Fashion Comments

Dress to impress! We’ve noticed the distinctive colors and Peacock feather print on the streets, in stores, at the beach and houseware, but peacock patterns are definitely not something new. Peacocks have been one of the favorite decorative patterns in art history for a long time.

Add a little pizazz to your wardrobe with these vivid Peacock print Leggins!

The proud bird print never fails to jazz up any textiles, outfits and accessories. The peacock is notorious for his exotic beauty and symbolizes spirituality, intuition, vision and emanates the energy of gathering in family and community. The peacock can be quiet and humble, but also dares to show up and expose his gifts, teaching each one of us to be willing to be the gift that we are.

I wish I would be able to flaunt peacock feathers, but since I can’t, I am having fun playing with the different irridescent hues of teal and green, and try out the trend in my clothes, home design and fashionable accessories.

Little caution: Make sure not to overdo it—limit yourself to one peacock piece per ensemble, and if the peacock spotted print is too much for you, try abstract or monochromatic peacock patterns that you can find in a big array of products.


Zebra Goes To Market! Comments

The Furniture Market in High Point is every designer’s candy store and I was fortunate enough to attend with my very best friend (also a designer) and have a royal blast!
The Furniture Market, with its 180 Buildings and 11.5 Million sq ft of exhibition space, is considered the biggest trade show of its kind in the world. It is the ‘everything Interiors Mecca’ for visitors from all over the globe. The visuals, the ideas, the information and the inspiration can blow your mind. And I haven’t yet mentioned the FUN!
So, as the Animal Print Gal that I am, I couldn’t help noticing the ‘Zebras’ that were here, there and everywhere, and in such diverse forms:

Zebra Ottoman – Bernhardt Furniture

Zebra Hair-on-hide lamp – Barcley Butera

Zebra Bombe Chest – Hooker Furniture

Zebra Lounge – Bernhardt Furniture

Zebra Jewelry Box

Zebra Stool – Lexington Furniture

Zebra Trunk Chest – Tommy Bahama

Zebra Wing Chair – Henry Link

Zebra Vogue Art – Soicher Marin

Zebra Hide – Vanguard Showroom

Zebra Pull-up Chair

Zebra cabinet  – Arteriors

Zebra Floor Mirror – Hooker Furniture

Fun or what? And these are just a few! For more information, feel free to send me an e-mail.



The Animal Print Spark in Barclay Butera’s Design Comments

One of my favorite designers is the California-based Barcley Butera–whose taste is rich, yet with a simple homey style that makes houses “speak” my language. What I love about Butera’s work is that his designs are elegant and refined, and at the same time extremely livable. His room invite you in to stay. His interior and exterior spaces are based upon the philosophy of layering diverse styles of furniture, textiles, and textures.

I totally relate to two of his common design elements: the Coastal living and the Animal Print, of course.

Barcley uses Animal prints mostly as an accent, which is exactly what I like– mainly in pillows, throws, ottomans and stools, and occasionally in bigger surfaces, like rugs, bedding and big pieces of upholstery. It seems that in every color palette there will always be a little touch of Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah or Zebra … somehow … someway.

The Greek in me loves the coast, its freshness, its energy, its lightness… And a breeze of these beautifully natural Animal print textures adds some coziness and gathering essense that makes interior spaces look and feel extremely special!

I love both his books, great design inspiration and beautiful visuals; perfect addition to your library!


Be an Adventurous Valentine Heart! Comments

Animal Prints are making their statement once again Heart-shaped and Heart-warming! It seems to me that they are timeless all year round, yet right on the spot for Valentine’s Day! Who can resist this cute vintage Leopard print Apron?

How about this hair calf Zebra pendant? I love the texture!

Betsy Johnson’s Leopard print hearts are always creative and fun! I love the heart-shaped loop that holds the keys, on this Leopard print keychain.

Thirsty? Take your Animal print tumbler wherever you go! The Zebra heart will remind you what’s really important: To treat yourself!

How about giving a new Heart-beat to your office? Let your mouse get into the adventure, with this fun Animal print Mouse pad.

Animal prints will never leave you behind. Let your imagination run, and let your desire shape up in LOVE!


Style ‘n’ Swing in the New Year! Comments

Dress to impress with these fun new Animal Print special occasion dresses and whether you are dancing or not, let Animal Print designs swing you intto the New Year!
Fashionable Animal print party gowns and cocktail dresses now come in flattering styles and beautiful colors.  No matter what is the event, you can totally steal the spotlight! Animal prints were never more popular and the selection of patterns is litaterally wild. Breeze through in stunning silks, taffetas, gorgettes, chiffons, -all  in exotic Animal patterns, designed to keep you comfortable and confident that the night is yours!

Tony Bowls Black and White Leopard Gown

Happy Holidays with Animal Prints! Comments

Who has the time to find parking, go through crowds, wait in lines, and most importantly, find that perfect store that sells what you actually want during the holidays? Animal Print Essentials gives you the easy solution to all your Holiday shopping panic with just a click of a mouse! You will find the best deals on gifts for mom, dad, kids, teachers, friends as well as yourself, with gifts of every taste and budget. If you have a low budget, don’t forget to look at our “UNDER $30” section for fun, little gifts! Who doesn’t get a kick out of a little animal print gift?

Animal Print Ceramic Knives $10.99

Zebra Power Strip $7.95






Christmas 2012: Decorate With Animal Print Ornaments! Comments

This holiday season deck the halls with “wearable” animal print ornaments. Christmas decoration was never so beautifully creative as in this collection of fashion ornaments!
Wheather girly and playful, or bold and sporty, this collection is full of artistic miniatures that will give a touch of wild and glam to any Christmas tree. Animal print purses, pumps and heels, jewels and sequins will dress up your tree in a fun way as never before…
Take a quick look in our SEASONAL section and get ready for the adventure!

Who can resist this cute fabric-covered Cheetah print gift box? Add it to your ornament collection!

Diva Safari Cheetah Animal Print Gift Box Christmas Ornament


Happy  Christmas decorating!

Zebra Print: The Stylish Accent Furniture Comments

It seems that no room is complete without an Animal Print accent… Zebra and Leopard print ottomans, Cheetah and Croco Benches, Animal print stools, all are handy pieces to have around and the finishing touches of every stylish home decor.

I captured below a few ideas from the web with just Zebra print custom ottomans and benches that add an exotic and adventures touch to every room! To be continued with more Animal Print Patterns photos….

For custom quotes, sizes and fabric or leather suggestions please contact us

Let The Fun Begin! Comments

There are lots of reasons to celebrate. Choose Animal prints to make your party and your gifts dazzle with that extra touch!
Our Animal print party goods collection will help create a memorable celebration. Begin with our custom invitations: Animal print patterns and tones of color totally personalized! Animal print party decorations, baloons, paper table-settings, gift wrap and a host of Animal print party favors, that will absolutely impress your guests! Choose fun and affortable little gifts for young kids or grown ups, and watch them go wild.  Last but not least, our custom “Thank You” notes will make your event totally unforgettable.

Have fun with Animal Prints!

Cave Age at Camp Newfound in Maine Comments

My daughter Natalia, spent over two months at the Newfound Camp in Long Lake, Maine, and that’s her 10th year of going back. Newfound, is a magic place for girls of all ages, where kids learn new things, overcome limitation, share their love for God,  but maily have lots of FUN!
This is Natalia’s first year as a counsenllor. It seems like yesterday when my husband Mark and I dropped her off for her fist time… She was the youngest of the group and we were so nervous to let her go.
And here she is now. A high school graduate, just about ready to start college, mothering the new little ones helping them to have an amazing camp experience!
Here are some pictures of the Cave Age little dress up they had…And you know me, I got a big kick out of it…
Is it the Leopardy, Cheetahly, Liony wraps? Or are the girls just cute?
I like the latter. But the get-ups look fun.
Natalia, Tori, Olivia and friends aint a bit embarrassed to step out of their camp counselor duties and into some Animal Print flair for a flaunt or two.

The Elephant Bar Restaurant Comments

I recently had the opportunity to visit the ELEPHANT BAR Restaurant with my family to celebrate my daughter’s end of the school year. From the moment you enter the door of the Elephant Bar, you know that you are in for an adventure! The touch of Wild surrounds you with an exotic and fun eating experience.
An array of Animal print decor from floor to ceiling, Safari flavor art and sculptures, enhance the sense that you are a tasting a faraway land. Giraffe and Zebra ceiling treatments were out of this world!

The Bar

The Tiger print wall to wall carpet…

The Girafe sculpture by the Bar

The food was delicious! Not only that, my sandwich was wrapped up in Zebra print paper!

Safari wall art all over, even in the bathroom…

What you think? Are you up for an adventure?

Animal Print Gifts For Mom! Comments

Mother’s Day is upon us. Tired of all the same old stuff?
Animal Print Essentials is offering a host of fun ideas in all Animal prints that will make Mom rave with joy.
Exotic scarfs with Leopard prints, classic bags, comfortable shoes, playful home accessories and more…
Make mom’s heart leap with happiness over her cache of Animal prints.

Zebra Bathtubs: Bathing In Stripes! Comments

Searching for that touch of wild which embodies a piece of art? Here it is, right in your bathroom. Step into these fun and luxurious Zebra tubs and let your cares wash away!

Bagno Sasso OCEAN Sailor bathtub

The OCEAN Sailor bathtub model, which won the GOOD DESIGN Award 2011 from the Chicago Atenaeum Museum of Architecture is one of the youngest products from Bagno Sasso’s hotbed of creative design. This free-standing bathtub, which is made from unique wood and resembles the patterns of a Zebra, is a true feast for the eyes. The individual veneers are cut to the exact millimeter, and with the utmost precision, placed onto a structure. Each tub is crafted by hand, making it utterly unique. Displayed in Showroom Bagno Sasso, Zurich

“Just Animals” by AquaMass

In the space of a few years, the Original Stone One, a bath with a pure oval, maternal and reassuring curves, has become the cult object of the Aquamass Design range. With its lines of timeless sobriety, full of curves, visual and tactile delights, it exudes emotion, generosity, sensuality and feminity.

The Original Stone One has changed, shaken up and revolutionised the dress code of the bathroom. It can be found in Paris, London, Saint-Tropez, Milan, Brussels, etc., both on the properties of private individuals and in the largest hotels. For some time it has established itself as the most widely sold designer bath in Europe and inspires exceptional productions.

Airbrushed Zebra Clawfoot Tub by The Tub Company

For the traditional taste with a little contemporary twist, this claw foot classic tub in Zebra airbrush technique, turns a typical bathroom into a masterpiece…

Now, step into the wild, and RELAX!…

Your Valentine Hearts! Comments

Love is in the Air!

Animal Print Essentials is ready for another “show me your love” season.
Heart-shaped Animal prints are fun, happy and always in style. Check out our newest Wild Hearts.
Happy Valentine’s Day from Heart to Heart!

Be My Wild Valetine! Comments

When it comes to standing out at the Prom or a formal affair, you can totally steal the spotlight wearing our fun Animal print evening gowns and special occasion dresses.
Animal Print Essentials is proudly carrying this fierce and flattering animal print party dress collection that will keep you confident in any occasion. Animal Print patterns and designs are extremely popular right now and they are designed to allow you to express your own free spirit.
Cherry picked designs, rich fabrics, striking colors and intricate details, make this collection wildly fashionable and promising, you’ll  ‘Have a Ball!’

Animal Print Hats Comments

Cradle your head in warmth and luxury no matter where you go with fun and stylish Animal Print Hats!
Comfortable newsboy, pillbox, beret, fedora, caps and hats in favorite Animal patterns will give you the final touch for a stylish finished look, plus lots of warmth and comfort for the winter weather.
Classic Leopards, playful ZebrasTigers and textured Faux furs will keep you protected, plus will add this great wild look to any outfit.

Carol Tuttle:Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions – Try THIS Instead! Comments

Carol Tuttle, is an electrifying catalyst for healing who has devoted her life to helping people rise out of deprivation into overflowing abundance. She literally wakes up people’s souls to living so they realize their greatness. She has a gift for identifying blocks and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and uses her evolving intuitive gifts and clearing techniques to reconnect people with their spirit truth and life purpose. (Plus, is is wearing a fabulous Zebra jacket!!!)

She shares, “The healing technologies I am working with make traditional therapy look like a covered wagon. People are ready and eager to heal their personal pain and generational issues, and we have been blessed with the knowledge and tools now to make that possible.”

Carol is widely recognized for helping thousands of people. Her patient triumphs are legendary. As an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, Carol is a leader in the areas of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Medicine. Her unique programs “Manifesting more money” and Money Clearing Miracle have helped so many people to overcome serious financial distress and live a life of wealth and abundance.

Carol’s highly acclaimed spiritual self-help book, “Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century”, continues to climb through its word of mouth popularity. It is the only self-help book that bridges the gap between energy healing, metaphysics, and Christianity.. Carol was recently chosen as the Barnes and Noble author of the Month.

It is never Too Late for Animal Print Gifts! Comments

Animal Prints are always the best gift, whether are seasonal or not. They are fun, they are comfy, they are stylish! It is never too late for Animal Prints!

Wrap It Up, with Animal Prints! Comments

Season greetings, and Animal prints come along to wrap your Holiday gifts with style and adventure!
Animal Print Essentials is offering a bundle of Animal print-designed wrapping papers, tissues, ribbons and gift bags.
This year, give an exotic touch to your gifts adding a splash of wild. A great selection of Zebra and Leopard papers, ribbons in different lengths and widths, gift bags and gift boxes, in fun colorful Animal print designs.
Wrap it up, in Animal Prints!

Nature Lovers Animal Print Christmas Ornaments Comments

An Animal print Christmas ornament collection that brings your Christmas decoration to the next level!
Patricia Sanders, Lee Hiller and Janna Salak are artists that show special love for nature and animals, and  support the protection of the environment. Their art illustrates the beauty of nature, and spreads the message to protect and  be aware of the environment.

Pat, Lee and Janna, have created a special collection of Animal Print Christmas ornaments in a star shape, with tasteful and colorful  Leopard, ZebraCheetah, Tiger and  Snake animal print patterns in 30 different colorways.
Enjoy them, and COLLECT THEM ALL!

Animal Print Shoes Christmas Ornaments Comments

This Christmas, get ready to walk on the wild side! Animal Print Essentials is offering a new collection of high-steppin’ Christmas shoes ornaments! The cute and the fancy,  heels and flats, sandals, boots, pumps and peep toes,  will  dress up your  Christmas tree with that extra touch of glitter!

The Anne Geddes Animal Print Babies Comments

Everybody knows the breath-taking images of Anne Geddes, and as many thousands of people, I have my favorites-these Animal print little ones that make my heart smile!

The little Leopard

My favorite butterfly!

The baby snail

And the Leopard Orchids

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Anne Geddes has always been interested in the strength that a photographic image could hold. In her mid-twenties, she began experimenting with the family Pentax K1000, developing her signature style of simple structure and immediate visual impact. Now one or the world’s most respected and successful professional photographers, Anne has captured the imagination and hearts of people around the globe. Her distinctive, award-winning images of children are currently published in books and reproduced on an array of merchandise in over 50 countries.

At the heart of her success is Anne’s deep and abiding love of children. Her unique artistic vision distills all we cherish in babies. Created by a photographer with special gifts, her images reflect enduring values that bring added meaning and joy to life. In her new book “Beginnings” Anne have conceived a fresh story about the delicate and powerful mystery of new life, that will inspire nature lovers just as surely as her images or babies have captured the imaginations of people around the globe.

Anne and her husband Kel live in New Zealand with their two daughters.

Safari Animal Print Christmas Ornaments Comments

We are  thrilled to be able to put the final touches on your Christmas tree by offering a stunning array of Animal print ornaments. Instead of wearing the fashion, you’ll be hanging these little gems of fashion right in your tree.
You will be amazed how many beautiful and fun ideas are out there with the touch of wild. Whether your taste is in the Zebra miniature objects or in animal-sequined  finials or Peacock sparkling and beaded glass balls or little animals, you don’t want to miss this cute and catchy seasonal line-up of Animal Print Essential Christmas ornaments.

So visit our “Seasonal” section and find your animal print ornament delight Here

Are you a Party Animal? Comments

Even if you are not, these Animal print decorations will put you in the mood…
Animal print baloons, garlands, party favors, invitations and table-scapes  will give your party the touch of wild for a memorable event! Choose from Leopard, Zebra, Tiger, Giraffe and Cow print, and get ready for the party adventure.
Last minute Halloween planning? You can still order your animal print costumes and get ready for lots of fun!

Aria: Anna French’s Elegant Animal Prints Comments

Anna French’s new Aria collection is just a delight. Fresh vibrant colors alternate with the soft and the understated. Her beautiful chenilles, crisp linens, and elegant embroideries dance with coloroful Animal Prints giving an elegant dimension to the “safari” look.

Bold, original design and deep convictions about the strength of family have defined Anna French’s life. From the vibrant geometric designs she began producing at art school in the 1960s to the big, brilliant wallpapers that make up her collection, “Glamour,” Anna’s style is always evolving. Her courageous use of colour and flair for the dramatic remain unchanged.

A strong desire to produce her own fabrics prompted Anna to start her own company. In 1976, she and husband John French moved from London to Scotland, where they formed the company on the top floor of a Victorian lace mill. Anna decided to produce Scottish lace, and to this day Anna French Lace sells worldwide. The business grew a little each year, but it wasn’t until 1994 when Anna began to introduce high-end Children’s Collections, including “Ready Teddy Go,” that things really took off.

Throughout the years, the business has evolved, driven by Anna’s determination to remain as bold and original as ever, and rejuvenated by the vital contributions of her family. Her son Jonathan is the managing director of Anna French Ltd. and her daughter Sasha is the sales director – and as Anna says, “Their creative energy is an inspiration.” In 2007, an agreement was reached for Anna French to team up with Thibaut. This partnership allows Anna French to benefit from the business expertise of the oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm in the U.S., while maintaining the dynamic creativity of a small boutique firm.

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