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And then there was Light!

The presence or absence of Light makes a tremendous impact on the feeling and the life of
any Interior. Many–if not most–homeowners don’t realize the importance of proper lighting
in every room, so they tend to compromise and end up with uninviting rooms, either cold
and semi-dark or excessively bright and glaring.

Here are a few things to consider:

* the activities which take place in the space
* the ages of all the people using the space
* the time of day in which the space will be used the most
* the mood to be established
* the function of the room–it may require more that one lighting pattern
* specialized lighting needs for collections or art objects
* any special effects that you wish to create
* the style and color schemes
* budget (sorry!)

A more detailed approach should include: direction the space faces, the number and size of
openings in the space, and the size of the rooms (including ceiling height).

Lighting is usually grouped into 3 categories: ambient or general, task, and accent or mood.
General lighting provides relatively uniform illumination in a room– ceiling, floor
or table lighting.
Task lighting provides illumination at a specific spot for the performance of tasks–reading,
writing, cooking, etc.
Accent lighting is used to make a specific area or object a focal point of a room, to highlight
pieces of art, plants, collections, etc. Here is an interesting article about accent lighting by
Donovan Gauvreau


Designer Tips:

Lighting fixtures are classified mostly by the method of producing light, style, mounting
method or direction the light is emitted, as shown in the illustration below:

Direct: All the light goes downward or toward (90-100%)

Semi-direct: Most light goes downward (60-90%)

Diffuse: The light is softened and cut down (40-60% going up and down)

Semi-indirect: Most of the light goes upward or away (60-90%)

Indirect: All the light goes upward or away (90-100%)

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