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There’s nothing worse than flying from here, there and everywhere and then crowding around the carousel hoping one of those bags is yours. Well heck, they all look the same: rectangular blacks, blues, and greens. You can get dizzy bending down, flipping name tags over, and watching another “almost mine” roll by.
Must it come down to tying neon elastics or one of those dumb red ribbons around your luggage? They scream ‘ugly’ into the night.
Here’s a way to play it cool and get off the carousel. Go get yourself a flashy Tiger print suitcase or luggage with a sharp Zebra pattern. That’ll end the search. Or if a fun Leopard print won’t do it, how about a classy faux Croco or an exotic Snake print piece? Now everyone will see your hot luggage coming.
Who would want to miss the show. And here are some tips for choosing the right travel bag by Independent Traveler
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  1. Comment by Lorena :: TRAVEL DESIGNERY — March 26, 2011 @ 10:51 pm

    this is a great luggage post! animal print suitcases are always super cute 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, happy weekend!

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