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GripWraps Leopard (4 Pack) – Brown/Black


We’ve all been there, standing at the carousel in baggage claim watching
bag after bag go by that looks like your bag only to discover after
dragging it off that it’s not your bag!
At GripWraps, we make it fun and easy to personalize your luggage so
you can spot your luggage in that endless stream of luggage coming
down the conveyer belt.
Extremely durable and fit around the grip on your luggage.
GripWraps are made of neoprene with a hook and loop closure for a soft
and secure grip. Leopard print. 4.5″WX5.5″
Just wrap it around your luggage grip, press together the hook and loop
on each end of your GripWrap and you are ready to go!.

GripWraps Leopard (4 Pack) – Brown/Black

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