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Two-in-One Python Stamped Leather & Lime Suede Satchel Bag



Unabashedly wild, a rich Snake skin python pattern makes a fashion statement on this two-in-one leather satchel with lime suede. Mat Embossed Calf Leather. Made in Italy


Fontanelli handbags come from a long lasting family tradition, dating back to 1860. Fontanelli was recognized as one of the most skilled family at crafting leather goods. Fontanelli kept their reputation and managed to impress the world every time they added a new handbag to already successful Fontanelli handbags fashion line. They’re all hand made out of fine quality leather, with the special touch of a skilled Italian craftsman.

As a creation of one of the most important Italian leather manufacturers in the world, Fontanelli handbags are extremely resistant.

They can be worn by women of all ages, because quality can be recognized by both people in the early twenties as well as those in the thirties or forties.

A Fontanelli handbag projects an aura of mystery as well as admiration around the person carrying it. It shows your class and great sense of fashion. That is an advantage in business as well as in your family and close circle of friends.

Two-in-One Python Stamped Leather & Lime Suede Satchel Bag

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